December 4-7, 2014


Photo © CRAIG LITTEN / All Rights Reserved

Photo © CRAIG LITTEN / All Rights Reserved

Street Photo of the Week

© Dan Elliott

© Dan Elliott

The End of Summer

Photo by Dan Elliott | Coney Island | Brooklyn, NY

“I think the most powerful thing Craig taught me was how to become part of a scene in order to capture it — to slow down and be patient enough to become invisible, comfortable. His natural approach to street photography overrode my inherent shyness as a photographer. With his guidance, I learned to see in a wholly different way. I became attuned not just to obvious photographic elements but to the details I wouldn’t normally notice — how people play off each other without being aware of it, how to see the architecture of a particular moment and then the subtle ways it changes.

Craig’s workshop helped me to appreciate the artistry of human nature — which is most at home on the street. His passion, kindness, and skillful tutelage influence me still.”
— Kirsten Whatley - Hawaii


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About Street Photography Workshops

Street Photography Workshops is taught and led by photojournalist & street photographer Craig Litten, who has had thousands of his photographs published worldwide. Craig not only has a passion for street photography, but he has been shooting on the streets for more than 25 years and desires to share his knowledge with you. The main focus of Street Photography Workshops is shooting: spending time behind the camera and learning to recognize and capture great moments with your camera. And one-on-one editing: reviewing what you’ve shot, choosing your best work, thinking through the shooting process and teaching you how to see.

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Latest Student Work

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Photo by Derrick Turner

Photo by Derrick Turner


New Orleans Street Photography Workshop 2015



From the moment you arrive, until you take the last train to O’Hare, you intuitively tune into Chicago’s frequency and ride its pulse wave.

Shooting in Chicago is always a rush (no pun intended), and this year turned out to be no exception--it was remarkable. The city feels like it’s alive, and literally pulsating with energy and electricity, and you cannot help but get in sync with it. In all actuality, the city is alive and life there thrives. From the moment you arrive, until you take the last train to O'Hare, you intuitively tune into Chicago's frequency and ride its pulse wave. Potential shots can be found on every corner and every street, in the parks, under the ‘L’ and along the boulevards--you literally can’t miss. If you’re new to street photography or an old pro, this is the city for you. But if you missed our workshop this year, there is good news; we plan on holding the workshop again in June 2015, so sign up now before all the spots fill up!

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